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The tapas yoga tree symbolizes harmony of life in the cosmos. With extensive and continual Yogic sadana to reach a divine and sustainable mental state which the universe showers unanimously upon humanity..

As the result of long term practice not achievable with short term sprints, Tapas Yoga sadana results in a steady, calm and sharpened mind which leads towards the path of self-realization and oneness with the Divine. 
For the last four decades, Gurudev has been teaching Yoga for different ethnic groups and spreading the message of peace and happiness for their well being. Innumerable dignitaries from across the globe have been advised by Gurudev in the Science of Yogic Life. His disciples travel from all over the world to visit him, discuss and take valuable inputs regarding the advancements in yogic studies.

Expatriates from various nationalities also have benefited from Guruji’s unique yoga therapy from all-round well being, complete and natural cures for chronic diseases. People with Depression, Heart Ailments, Acute Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Parkinson’s Disease etc have been undergoing curative yogic therapies under the tutoring of Guruji. Guru Sasi has also contributed in helping determined children and their families relieve their suffering through the power of tapas yoga. It has worked wonders for all involved in the beautiful art of the asanas.


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