Histroy of Yoga

Yoga is a science, philosophy and a complete source of energy

The Father of Yoga Sage Pathanjali derived from the Ancient Vedas, Eight Stages of Yoga or Eight Parts of Yoga called the Ashtanga Yoga, the Path of Raja Yoga..

The definition of Yoga in Yogasutras (which consists of 185 terse aphorisms)

"Yoga is one of six mainstream systems of Indian philosophy. It was collated, co-ordinated and systematized by Patanjali in his classical work, the Yoga Sutras, which consist of 185 terse aphorisms. In Indian thought, everything is permeated by the Supreme Universal Spirit (Paramatma or God) of which the individual human spirit (jivatma) is a part. The system of yoga is so called because it teaches the means, by which the jivatma can be united to, or be in communion with the Paramatma, and so secure liberations (moksa)."

For the last four decades Gurudev has been teaching Yoga for different ethnic groups and spreadingthe message of Peace and Happiness for their wellbeing. Innumerable dignitaries from around the world have been advised by Gurudev in the Science of Yogic Life.

Profile of Yoga

The disciples of Gurudev include Corporate and Business people, who after enrolling under his tutelage have carved their life to a systematic pattern thus converting the conduct of their business to a scientific and structured approach.

His past disciples still meet him, at least once in a year, to discuss and take valuable inputs regarding the advancements in Yogic Studies

In his younger days, Guruji started teaching Yoga in a scientific way and various schools, colleges and a university in India were availing of his services for the mental and physical growth of the students and faculty. Guruji has been awarded many Gold Medals by various associations and institutions in India. He has also taken part in several State, National and International Yoga Events.

Emiratis including members of the Royal Families from all the Emirates and Expatriates of various Nationalities have benefitted from Guruji’s unique Yoga Therapy for all round well-being and complete and natural cure for chronic diseases. People with Depression, Heart Ailments, Acute Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Parkinson’s Disease etc, have been undergoing curative yogic therapies under the tutoring of Guruji.

Many Specially Abled Children along with their parents and other family members, as a group, have been under the therapy course of Gurudev and there has been a phenomenal change in their cognitive abilities, gross motor and fine motor skills and their overall development. The family members are less stressed and their happiness index has increased considerably as is evident from their smiling faces

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"The Tapas Yoga tree symbolises Harmony of life in the Cosmos"

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